The Purpose of au pair stay in Denmark


The purpose of an au pair stay

The term au pair means ‘on equal terms’. The idea of an au pair stay is for a young person to stay with a host family with children under the age of 18 ‘on equal terms’ with the other members of the family.

The purpose is for the au pair is

  • to improve language and/or professional skills as well as broaden his/her cultural horizon by becoming more acquainted with Denmark.

In return, the au pair participates in the host family’s domestic chores (e.g. cleaning, washing clothes, cooking, babysitting) for a maximum of five hours a day, and no more than six days a week.
If your chores exceed these time limits, or if you carry out work other than domestic chores, or carry out chores for someone other than your host family, then you are working illegally in Denmark.
Consequenses of abusing the au pair scheme

If you work illegally in Denmark, you risk deportation. You also risk fine or imprisonment, as does your employer.

Furthermore, your host family can be given a penalty period for abusing the au pair scheme, during which time they cannot be approved to host an au pair. A host family can be given a ten year penalty period for violence or similar against an au pair, a five year penalty period for illegal employment of an au pair, or a two year penalty period for other abuse of the au pair scheme (disregarding the limitations regarding an au pair’s tasks and duties, maximum work hours, accomodation, minimum allowance etc.).


So watch out!!! Filipinos in general tends to do work more than what they are ask or allowed to do. It’s in our culture to help, for example in a party we help the host with preparations or washing dishes even the host says no you are a guest but we still insists. That’s what we call “pakikisama” or “bayanihan” I don’t know an exact translation but maybe in danish is “medfølelse” or “broderskabsbånd” but I think in English is camaraderie. The danish are independent people who can manage to go everything on their own. You are not helping them if you insists on doing things after your working hours instead you are molding them to become Master. Slavery is a thing of the past and Au pair is not a maid or domestic helper. If the authorities will caught you making extra work you will be deported.

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