Philippines has lifted the aupair ban to Norway.


Here’s a good news to all aspiring Filipinos who wanted to go to Norway as an aupair, the Philippines government now allows its citizen to travel to Norway and Switzerland as aupair which means that no need to bribe immigration officials upon departure. I already posted this in the Facebook page but now I will re post this news article from the Philippines Embassy in Norway.

After extensive discussions and negotiations with the government of Norway and various agencies in the Philippines, the Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs and the Department of Labor and Employment have announced the lifting of the ban on the deployment of au pairs bound for Norway. The order will take effect immediately. Norway is the only other country in Europe (the other is Switzerland) where the ban has been lifted.

Both agencies expressed satisfaction that the conditions prevailing in Norway warrant sufficient safety nets to promote and protect the rights and welfare of the au pairs in this country. The Norwegian government has also exercised flexibility and accommodation of the Philippine government’s requirements to provide safety nets to provide health insurance for au pairs as well as cover their repatriation in case of death or when they are no longer able to fulfil their contracts due to terminal illness and other similar reasons. According to the Norwegian authorities, the au pair contract has already been amended to reflect such provisions and will be effective in June 2010.

The POEA will be announcing the appropriate guidelines in implementing the order. Au pair contracts will now have to be submitted to the Philippine Embassy in Oslo for authentication. The contract will then have to be submitted to the Philippine Overseas Employment Authority (POEA) to obtain the necessary permit and for the applicants to undergo pre-departure orientation seminars to prepare them for their new life in Norway. The au pair will, of course, have to obtain the requisite visa from the Norwegian Embassy in Manila, The contract, the passport with the requisite visa and the POEA permit will be presented to the Bureau of Immigration upon departure.

The Embassy and the POEA have also developed a DVD to be used in the pre-departure orientation of future au pairs to acquaint them with their new life in Norway.

The Philippine Embassy reiterates its warning to au pairs not to give any amount to any party or middlemen to facilitate their departure. Any attempt to obtain money from au pairs, outside the official fees duly acknowledged with official receipts, should be reported immediately to the Philippine Embassy or the Department of Labor and Employment for appropriate action.

The Embassy is also in the final stages of negotiations with Denmark so that the ban could also be lifted on au pairs bound for this country. The Minister of Refugee, Immigration and Integration Affairs, Birthe Røhn Hornbech has indicated her positive response to the proposals of the Philippine Embassy on the matter.

With the lifting of the ban , the two countries have now aligned their otherwise divergent policies on the matter, and should, hopefully reduce or eliminate the factors leading to the exploitation of the system. Au pairs will now be given an opportunity to learn about Norway and in turn be able to help their host families.

This lifting ban doesn’t mean that the aupair problems will stop but will surely will increase but reading the Guidelines or a memorandum of Agreement between the two countries at least the aupairs will have the security in case they become sick or die during their au pair stay then they host family will shoulder their repatriation. (Will discuss it further next post)

The aspiring Filipino aupairs should always be reminded that the AUPAIR is not a DOMESTIC HELPER, know their aupair rights and of course speak up if you think you are being abused and don’t pay anything to middle men/illegal agents/agencies.

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  1. hello
    what about Denmark? how soon kaya natin malalaman on when it will be lifted? there are several families na interested on me to be their next aupair, i am here in the Philippines. please reply sa on my email.

  2. well dats good if no longer ban the aupair to will be a big help for my co-pipilino to have job,because in norway you really have the big opportunity to help ur family,and most of them were when it comes to treatment..iv been there before…

  3. before it was ban,but still pilipino insist to go to norway just because of hardship in life and doesnt really have job opportunities,even you are professionals but still not enough to finance ur needs or specially when you are supporting someone who goes to school..well,great news that its no longer BAN the aupir to norway…norway is a rich conutry they can really help you when u are aupair because the salary is good enough compare to other countries,in treatment also almost norwegians were good,they are calm,humble,and generous individuals they never treats you as helper in there family but they treat as one there family members…well,well,thnks philippine government this way you really helps my beloved co-filipinos to go to europe or norway…god bless beloved PHILIPPINES

  4. @Emeilyn That is a good idea starting a blog is a good way to find host just be careful you will surely get a lot of spam and scam proposal.
    Balet Emeilyn magkakabayan tayo 29 kala mairap ka lan makunla ed Norway as aupair kasi 18-30 labat ibabagak labat so twa.

  5. hi, just wanna ask if i need to wait for my visa approval before my employer can submit the contract to the Philippine embassy in Oslo for authentication or anytime they can submit the contract for authentication?

  6. Hi

    If you want to publish that you are looking for a host family in Denmark or Norway you can try this(it is free)

    Hope it is helpful

  7. If you look for a host family in Denmark or Norway look at this:

  8. No they have to sign the contract first and have it authenticated at the Phil embassy in Oslo then send it to you so you can sign it and you will be the one to apply in the Norwegian embassy in the Phils then you ait ofr approval onced it’s approved then you go to the POEA

  9. hi how about the contract that been submitted to incoming au pair before the BAN is lifted like for exmaple last march?and the visa now is granted already?so what they need to do specially the host family do they need authenticated still the contract??please reply thank much

  10. @Miggi, I think they still need to have it authenticated because you need it to submit it to POEA so you can attend the seminar and you will not pay anything in the airport.

  11. so how much should we pay in POEA. I am sad of what happend to my papers. Was granted last september and i dont know how the processing at POEA. and then i have the ticket already sked this October 7. And then the papers need to authenticate and my ticket can’t be rebook any suggestion? how many days the seminar?

  12. Hello
    a filipina friend just received email from french embassy in Manila where they said filipino government doesn’t allow au pair in France.
    I can’t find any information ANYWHERE on the net about France and au pair from Phils.
    Do you know anything about this ?
    would be a great help.
    Thank you

  13. @Damien yes the Philippine goverment doesn’t allow it’s citizen to work in Franc e as aupair only Norway and Switzerland are the countries where there is no aupair ban.

  14. hello ask lng glad n ok n ang Philippines and norway .ask ko lng about requirements and ano ang dpt na e prepare pra s tga POEA kc may bksyon ako whole of January by 2011 .pra d n ako mg byd n under the table s airport… pls help thank you

  15. kabaleyan..kerew kami na tip .. mag asawa po kami, may host family po ba na mag accept?

  16. Kabaleyan Agi agga nayari lay walay asawa tan walay anak natan pareho ed Norway tan Denmark. No walay naalmo yo diad Spain wala ray manaaalay couples para diad ed abong last year entonda da la. medyo manhihigpit la ra diad europa grabe la.

  17. @Mechel Sorry aupair is only for 30 years old. Nanny is not an options since there’s no program for that for non EU citizens

  18. is there any aupair agencu here in the phil?

  19. im looking a job ,i am single,27 year old….i have 3 years expirience in dubai as a housemaid….if u r interested just send message on my email

  20. hi,
    just want to ask….what if the au pair got her visa and she went to poea and she have everything she needs…she all the papers…but the only problem is…she has some problems with her health result,,,what will be the possible thing will happen???? is it still allowed to have seminar in poea (pdos) and if she can still go out of the country????

    waiting for the reply….

  21. how about a seperated and single parent like me I am 29 yrs. old
    do i have a chance?

  22. hi..i am very interested to work as an aupair…how can i apply?

  23. hi!
    Just want to ask. Would it be okay for a 19 years old Filipina like me to work as an Au-pair in Norway? qualify ba yong age ko?

  24. salamat sa napa ka gandang balita para sa mga pilipinong gustong mag trabaho bilang au pair dito sa norway….at ang hiling lang naming mga may asawa na, na nagtrabaho didto sa norway,,,na balang araw ang age limet naman ang maalis..dahil tulad sa denmark hinde ka pweding mag trabaho duon bilang au pair pag may asawa kana at 30 pa taas na ang edad mo…paano kung andito kana sa norway,,,saang bansa naman kami pweding mag apply nang trabaho bilang au pair..

  25. yes ok lang kc 19 ka na eh.

  26. hello po ask ko po ano ang mga dapat kong gawin or kunin pabalik sa norway, ako po ay nagbakasyon dito sa pinas ngayon at sabi ng mga friend ko marami daw akong dapat i process na paper ,,,pls help me kung ano ang gawin ko,, thank you po

  27. i was looking for a job in norway,same i heared good things about the country,thats why i want to apply.what would i do to get there and have a job,what are the job offers for norway..

  28. im really interested to work in norway because i love the place,,their culture,and the people.But am so disappointed joining in different sites ( aupair sites like aupairconnect,greataupair,findaupair and so on) coz from there i got a lot of scams daily.Could anyone will share me some tested sites where u can really find sincere host family to work to?Coz the more aupair sites i joined,,the more scams i got each day.Anyway,,their scams are very obvious but just its pissing for me to receive almost daily since i joined those sites.What site is tested and guaranted where we can find real host fam and not full of scammers?And im curious about this,,,an aupair will be allowed to marry someone from there???? i heard that from my friend ,,,shes working in norway and told me that she will be happy if her bf will proposed her for marriage so she will stay there longer or forever if get married,,,is that allowed?????? pls email me if possible for u……thanx but il check this blog time to time,,but i hope that i will be noticed when u have answers for my questions…thnx and godbless..
    and what are those specific health problems that could be a barrier working abroad…..???,thnx

  29. hi Good day to u,masaya ako dahil ok na ang phil at norway at ngayon people can apply as an au pair there again. Magpapatulong sana ako kung pano po ba makakapag apply ng au pair sa norway, any site na talagang safe and far from scam kasi halos lahat po ng site ng au pair nakarehistro na po ako, kasi lahat naman ng nagsesend sakin sa email ko poro scam, sana poh matulongan nyo po ako, kasi subrang interesado po akong magwork as an au pain in norway, kong sino pong mabait dyan., patulong poh.. and pls reply to me as soon as possible and pakitulong narin poh kong anung mga requirements ang dapat kong kailangan.. MARAMING SALAMAT PO:-)

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