September 3, 2010
by Ana Lindenhann-admin

Au Pair Info and Acquintance Party in Copenhagen

now the Present & Future of Filipino Au Pairs in Denmark

The event committee of Babaylan-Denmark, KIT and FOA is pleased to invite all AU PAIRS to its first INFO EVENT which is fully loaded with news update from our Pinoy guest & the latest from The Danish Immigration Service plus many more…

Acquaintance Party follows after INFO EVENT!!!
… Kaya Sali na Kayo!
Makisaya! Makisayaw! Makisama!

Food is free.
Free entrance for Au Pairs.
50 kr. for non-au pairs
Drinks for sale.
Lottery w/ big prizes.
Games with prizes.
Pinoy dry goods for sale.

Note: Walking distance from Rådhuspladsen/City Hall. Pls follow the green line from the map provided. If you take the 5A bus you go down Otto Mønsteds Plads and 10 minutes walk to the venue while but of you take the 2A go down to Stormsbroen, National Museum only 3 minutes walk.

See you all there!

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September 3, 2010
by Ana Lindenhann-admin

Procedures of Aupair Application for Norway

1. The host family downloads the contract from the UDI website and signs it.
2. The host family brings the signed contract to the Philippine Embassy for attestation. He/she is requested to present a valid identification (ID) or copy of passport.
3. The host family sends the attested contract to the au pair for her to sign and submit to the Norwegian Embassy in Manila.
4. The Norwegian side processes the application.
5. Once the application is approved and the visa is obtained, the au pair obtains an Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) from the POEA. He/she undergoes a Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar (PDOS) at the POEA.

Source: Philippine Embassy In Oslo :

Important Agencies/websites

  • UDI – The Directorate of Immigration (UDI) is the central agency in the immigration administration in Norway.Download application form here
  • POEA- Philippines Overseas and Employment Administration Agency


  • Philippines Embassy in Oslo- Jurisdiction Denmark, Norway and Iceland

Nedre Vollgate 4
0158 Oslo, Norge
22 40 09 00


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June 16, 2010
by Ana Lindenhann-admin

Philippines has lifted the aupair ban to Norway.

Here’s a good news to all aspiring Filipinos who wanted to go to Norway as an aupair, the Philippines government now allows its citizen to travel to Norway and Switzerland as aupair which means that no need to bribe immigration officials upon departure. I already posted this in the Facebook page but now I will re post this news article from the Philippines Embassy in Norway.

After extensive discussions and negotiations with the government of Norway and various agencies in the Philippines, the Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs and the Department of Labor and Employment have announced the lifting of the ban on the deployment of au pairs bound for Norway. The order will take effect immediately. Norway is the only other country in Europe (the other is Switzerland) where the ban has been lifted.

Both agencies expressed satisfaction that the conditions prevailing in Norway warrant sufficient safety nets to promote and protect the rights and welfare of the au pairs in this country. The Norwegian government has also exercised flexibility and accommodation of the Philippine government’s requirements to provide safety nets to provide health insurance for au pairs as well as cover their repatriation in case of death or when they are no longer able to fulfil their contracts due to terminal illness and other similar reasons. According to the Norwegian authorities, the au pair contract has already been amended to reflect such provisions and will be effective in June 2010.

The POEA will be announcing the appropriate guidelines in implementing the order. Au pair contracts will now have to be submitted to the Philippine Embassy in Oslo for authentication. The contract will then have to be submitted to the Philippine Overseas Employment Authority (POEA) to obtain the necessary permit and for the applicants to undergo pre-departure orientation seminars to prepare them for their new life in Norway. The au pair will, of course, have to obtain the requisite visa from the Norwegian Embassy in Manila, The contract, the passport with the requisite visa and the POEA permit will be presented to the Bureau of Immigration upon departure.

The Embassy and the POEA have also developed a DVD to be used in the pre-departure orientation of future au pairs to acquaint them with their new life in Norway.

The Philippine Embassy reiterates its warning to au pairs not to give any amount to any party or middlemen to facilitate their departure. Any attempt to obtain money from au pairs, outside the official fees duly acknowledged with official receipts, should be reported immediately to the Philippine Embassy or the Department of Labor and Employment for appropriate action.

The Embassy is also in the final stages of negotiations with Denmark so that the ban could also be lifted on au pairs bound for this country. The Minister of Refugee, Immigration and Integration Affairs, Birthe Røhn Hornbech has indicated her positive response to the proposals of the Philippine Embassy on the matter.

With the lifting of the ban , the two countries have now aligned their otherwise divergent policies on the matter, and should, hopefully reduce or eliminate the factors leading to the exploitation of the system. Au pairs will now be given an opportunity to learn about Norway and in turn be able to help their host families.

This lifting ban doesn’t mean that the aupair problems will stop but will surely will increase but reading the Guidelines or a memorandum of Agreement between the two countries at least the aupairs will have the security in case they become sick or die during their au pair stay then they host family will shoulder their repatriation. (Will discuss it further next post)

The aspiring Filipino aupairs should always be reminded that the AUPAIR is not a DOMESTIC HELPER, know their aupair rights and of course speak up if you think you are being abused and don’t pay anything to middle men/illegal agents/agencies.

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April 29, 2010
by Ana Lindenhann-admin

Mobile Passporting – Copenhagen Consular Outreach Mission June 13, 2010

Philippines Embassy in Norway will conduct an Consular Outreach program in Denmark so for those Filipino passport holders in Denmark who still hold a green passport now it’s your time to renew or submit your applications without going to Norway since renewal of the new machine readable passport requires your personal appearance in the embassy.Philippine passports copy

Here’s the announcement from the embassy:


Dear Friends and Kababayans in Denmark,
The Philippine Embassy is pleased to announce that it will be conducting another Consular Outreach Mission in Denmark on June 13 at the Storsal of Skt. Annæ Kirke. We urge you to kindly spread the word so that we can reach as many Filipinos in the country as possible. Below are the details.

The Philippine Embassy will be conducting mobile Machine Readable Passporting Services in Copenhagen, Denmark on 13 June (Sunday) at the Storsal, Skt. Annæ Kirke at Hans Bogbinders Allé 2, 2300 København S starting 9AM-12NN and 1-6PM.
Kindly refer to our website for the Machine Readable Passport (MRP) application requirements and make sure to bring COMPLETE requirements. Please also make sure to include a photocopy of the data page of your old passport and its amendments page if any change has been made to your details in your passport. Application forms may be downloaded from our website as well.
For more information about the Machine Readable Passport, you may visit:
Thank you and looking forward to seeing you soon!
Third Secretary and Vice Consul
Philippine Embassy
4th Floor, Nedre Vollgate 4
0158 Oslo, NORWAY

+47 2240 0904 (Direct Line)
+47 2241 7401 (Fax)

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April 27, 2010
by Ana Lindenhann-admin

Join the 112th celebration of the Philippines Independence in Copenhagenn

To Filipinos in Denmark neighboring Sweden and Norway. Please join us in the celebration of 112th PHILIPPINES INDEPENDENCE DAY – June 12, 2010 at Copenhagen Culture Center Drejervej 11-21 2200 Kbh. N from 10-9pm check out FILCOM_DK group in Facebook. This event is open for all just pay 30dkk entrance which serve as a raffle ticket to fantastic prises like Round trip ticket to Manila, Round trip ticket to Europe, Laptop, Coco Beach Accomodation and many more. This very first initiative of 10 different NGO/organizations/church groups (locally and International) composed of Danes and Filipinos and the Phil. Embassy in Norway. Mabuhay po tayong Filipino.

Entrance and raffle ticket take note you can stay until 10pm

Philippine 112th Independence Day Program

10:00 am Assemble time (Cph Culture Center Nørrebro)
10:30 Kalayaan Parade (come in Pilipino attire)
11:00 Formal Opening / Ribbon cutting by Am
11:30 Children program
13:00 First raffle draw
Live Band
Folk Dances
Song Number (solo)

14:00 2nd raffle draw
“Harana Songs”
Folk Dances

15:00 3rd Raffle draw
OPM live Band
Modern Dance
Martial Arts
Folk Dances
Song Number

16:00 4th Raffle draw
Choir NUmber
Fashion Show
Folk Dances
OPM Live Music
Community Song

– – – -BREAK- – – –

Great artist, great voice and great spirit!!
Highly recommended!!

Program includes:

:: Bario Fiesta (where you can buy all Pilipino foods)
:: Book Launching
:: Documentary video (about heoes and independece and tourism)
:: atbp

Raffles Prizes
First Prize : One Round trip ticket to Manila (Thai Airways)
Second Prize : Two Round trip tickets to any city in Europe (Premacel)
Third Prize : Laptop (Acer)
Fourth Prize : A week accomodation in Coco Beach Resort (C&C Travel)
Fifth Prize : Balikbayan boxes

The independence Day event is the first time diffrent organization joined together for one purpose to make the Independence Day in Denmark open for all and to present our culture to the other nationalities what make us unique and this is the time where the bayanihan spirit drives the FILCOM Denmark.

You can purchase tickets or inquire for the events by joining FILCOM-DK in Facebook or inquire direct to the following websites:

:: PHIL.EMBASSY in Norway –
:: CCC –
:: FAD –
:: FCC –
:: JIL-DK –
:: PDC –
:: PUGAD –
:: Filipinsk-Dansk Gruppe
:: Mabuhay – DK

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April 9, 2010
by Ana Lindenhann-admin

The Philippines lifted the ban of deployment of aupairs to Switzerland

According to the news report from the Philippine Inquirer, the Philippines government has lifted the ban of deploying aupairs to Switzerland. This was after the Swiss Government passed a law protecting he rights and welfare of au pairs. The POEA governing body approved the resolution of the  lifting of the  ban and due to effect by March 23. You can read the full report here.

Wow that’s a good news but that doesn’t mean that the exploitation form the host families and illegal agents will stop. When you search in the net even the reporters like one I read in the Philippine stars keeps on mentioning Domestic helpers . Hello aupairs is not domestic helpers. There’s abig difference work wise and compensation wise. Basically au pair allowance  is around 400 euros for maximum of 30 hours/week and domestic helper or house help salary is usually from 750 euros working more than 8 hours/day  that’s what I heard from friends in Spain.

Would be au pairs applicants should know what they are entering into search and search in the net and now the POEA has standard contract and verification process they should also orient the applicants of their rights and be assertive and I  know their reproductive rights because that are the common problems we/ I encounter everyday. We can not complain that the host are exploiting the au pairs when they themselves allow them on the first place they or the agents are telling the applicants that will do everything because of they are former household helpers in Singapore and in Hongkong.

Our ambassador Her Excellency Elizabeth Buensuceso made an appeal to the Danish government and the Norwegian government for memorandum agreement meaning that they sit down and mutually agree to the terms of of the Philippine Government to protect the rights and welfare of the aupairs. She announced that Philippine government and the Norwegian counterpart were already finalizing the draft during Babaylan Denmark’s Au Pair Congress last November 2009 in Oslo but still no official lifting of the ban. What I know is that the Philippine government wanted an insurance besides the health insurance as you are automatically member if you have a permit to stay and repatriation in case something happens to the aupair like we experienced her in Denmark a couple of times

Hurrah no more escort fee at the airpor said some of the comments in this site’s facebook page. Well, that’s true whenever there’s an issue about au pair exploitation the press always focus more on the corruptions of officials in the airport and that makes you feel angry. Now that the Day care institution is deteriorating due to cost saving and long waiting time for the child to be accepted in the institution, the au pair system is a better options so I think that’s the reason why the au pair is becoming popular nowadays. Majority of Filipinos who worked as an au pair made their life better and experienced another cultur and able to go to places you will never imagine you will visit when you are in the Philippines so this is good news.

But there are also those who were not lucky and their life become a messed up instead of good memories so applicants check what is an au pair before applying

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April 7, 2010
by Ana Lindenhann-admin

Au Pair Support

As much as I like to provide information in this site and advice and counseling I do it on my on free time and I also have a life and a family to take care. So I will advice au pairs in Denmark who has problems to contact Au pair Support which is part of the Danish Refugee Council, who won the contract from the Immigration Service to provide support for aupairs for 4 years.

The Au pair network which consists of Babaylan DK and other Filipino organizations, FOA (labor union who is the only union who give time to look into aupairs problems),KIT, Members of the Parliament Thomas Jensen, a Social Democrat and Karen Krag, Socialistic People’s Party and a lot concern Danish from Hellerup Language Skole, to other people   from different walks of life who are concern about the aupair. The Au Pair Network did not won the contract which is my personal opinion was frustrating considering the that the majority of aupairs in Denmark are Filipinos that’s why we created this network.  This Aupair network also worked hard to press this issue to reach the session hall of the Parliament which approves this budget for aupair Support. Check my article about this Parliament hearing in my personal blog, The Filipinamom in Denmark.But even though we did not won or have any budget our network still is working for the betterment of the aupair in this country and we still have a lot cases with all sort of abuse from overwork to sexual harassment and in the worst case scenario rape by their host father.

But please call the AU PAIR SUPPORT use them because they have the facility and they have lawyers and that’s their job they get paid by helping you. I usually get their assistance if there are some aupair problems I can’t answer and they are very helpful.

How to contact Au pair Support
Both au pairs and host families can get advice and guidance from Au pair Support. Our phone counselling is open Monday – Friday from 9.00 am to 3.00 pm. You can also visit our open counselling without prior appointment on Fridays from 10.00 am to 12.00 pm in Borgergade (see map). You can also send questions and get answers by email on

Present all over the country
The Au pair Support team is housed in the Danish Refugee Council head office in Copenhagen. Through the Danish Refugee Council’s 17 Lærdansk language centres, 3 local offices and 7 voluntary advisory services, you can get individual advice all over the country.

Find Au pair Support (map)

Au pair Support
Borgergade 10, 3. sal
1300 Copenhagen K

Phone: 33 73 53 22
Office hours: Monday-Friday from 9.00 am to 3.00 pm

Fax: 33 91 45 07


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April 2, 2010
by Ana Lindenhann-admin

Schedule of Church Services in Norway and Denmark

Here are the list of church services I gathered in Norway and in Denmark who offer mass/church service in English.

Catholic Church


St. Olav’s Cathedral
Every Sunday English Masses at 1800H

Address: Akersveien 1, 0177 Oslo
Contact Person: Rev. Fr. Amando Bergantino Alfaro Jr. and Ms. Elizabeth Helland (Church Secretary)

Contact No.: +47 2321 9573, +47 2298 2165 and + 47 9940 5608 (Mobile)

St. Joseph’s Church
Every Sunday English Masses at 0930H Every 4th Sunday of the Month: 1400H (Tagalog Mass)
Every Friday: 1800H (Tagalog Mass)

Address: Akersveien 4, 0177 Oslo
Contact Person: Rev. Fr. Redentor M. Molina
Contact No.: +47 9986 4952


Skt. Annæ’s Church
Saturday and Sunday English Masses at 1700H

Address: Skt. Elizabeth’s Allé 2, 2300 Kbh. , Denmark

Contact Person: Fr. Benny Mathew,C.Ss.R
Contact No.: +45 – 2193 4215 (Mobile)
Chaplain for the Filipino Community: Fr. Joe Toms, C.Ss.R.
Contact No.: +45 5322 5232 (mobile)

How to get there: take 5 A from the city and get down in Tycho Brahes Alle note is already Zone 3 so it’s better stand up in Englandsvej busstop which is still zone 1 and walk around 100 meters ahead or take 3500S and go down in Englandsvej)

Wednesday English Mass& Novena at 1700H

Address: Nørrebrogade 27C, 2200 Copenhagen N, Denmark
Contact Person 1: Fr.Reinhold Sahner
Contact No.:+45 3535 6825 (fastnet)
How to get there: Take bus no. 5A and go down in Ravnsborgade Busstop.

Sunday English Mass 1800H

Contact Person 2: Fr. Carroll Parker, Omi
Contact No.: +45 3125 5996 (Mobile)

Vor Frue Kirken in Herlev
Thursday English Mass at 0930H and Sunday English Mass at 1130H

Address: Herlevgårdsvej 14, 2730 Herlev
Contact Person: Fr. Carroll Parker, Omi
Contact No.: +45 3125 5996 (Mobile)

St. Knud Lavard’s Church
Sunday English Mass at 1300H

Address: Lyngbygårdsvej 1A, 2800 Lyngby
Contact Person: Fr. Alren Soosaipillai, OMI
Office tel nr: 45 87 08 88
Contact No: 50 15 52 26

Jesus is Lord


Jesus is Lord Norway
Every Sunday: 1530H – 1800H
Every Thursday: 1800H – 2100H

Address: American Lutheran Church, Fritznersgate 15, 0264 Oslo
Contact Person: Pastor Gilbert Palmero
Contact No.: +47 9528-2491


Jesus is Lord Copenhagen
Every Sunday: 1445H – 1700H

Address: Allehelgens Kirke 43, Ungarnsgade 2300, Kbh S
Contact Person: Pastor Precy Soltes-Ofori
Contact No.: +45 3123 9778 and +45 3646 3113

Living World Bible Center

Living World Bible Cente

Every Sunday: 1500H – 1730H

Address: Geitmyrsveien 7D 0107 Oslo
Contact Person: Pastor Vic del Valle and Sis. Ana del Valle
Contact No.: + 47 4023 0603 and + 47 4024 9524

Filipino Christian Church


Filipino Christian Church Norway
Every Sunday: 1400H – 1700H

Address: Filadelfia Center St. Olavsgate
Contact Person: Pastor John Angeles
Contact No.: +47 6084 3667


Filipino Christian Church Copenhagen
Every Sunday: 1730H – 2030H

Address: Culture Hall/Kultur Sal, Drejervej 15-21,2400 Copenhagen NV
Contact Person: Pastor Raymond Osias
Contact No.: +45 2692 9314

Iglesia ni Cristo 1


Filipino Christian Church Copenhagen
Every Sunday: 1730H – 2030H

Iglesia ni Cristo
Every Thursday: 1900Hpm-2000H ;Every Sunday: 1000H – 1100H

Address: Brønshøjvej 12, 2700 København
Contact Person: Rossal Kiilerich
Contact No.: +45 41233679

Workship services are both conducted in English

Copenhagen Community Church (CCC)


Copenhagen Community Church
Sundays: 1100H – 1300H

Norre Farimagsgade 45
1364 Copenhagen K


United Pentecostal Church

(Levende Kirke)
Femagervej 39, Hvidovre

Sunday Bible Study : 11:00- 11: 45 am
Sunday Service starts at 12:00 noon

contact details: Email:
mobile number: 26241191

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