September 16, 2011
by Ana Lindenhann-admin

How to process Overseas Employment Certificate

What is the OEC? The exit clearance come in the form of an E-Receipt (electronic receipt) or an Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) certifying to the regularity of a workers recruitment and documentation and ensures exemption from travel tax and airport … Continue reading

May 9, 2011
by Ana Lindenhann-admin

Au Pair Information: Reproductive Health Awareness on May14,2011

Incooperation of Au pair Network (Babaylan,FAD,FOA,KIT & more) your body….your responsibility… topics; sex & sexuality, menstruation & pregnacy, family planing,unwanted pregnancy, maternal health services, std, HIV infection & treatment,how to avoid HIV,how to receive treatment, the right use of condom, … Continue reading

October 25, 2010
by Ana Lindenhann-admin

Aupair Application Process for Norway and Denmark

Procedures for Au Pair Application (Norway & Denmark) 1.) The host family downloads the contract from UDI (if from Norway) / New to Denmark (if from Denmark) website and signs it. 2.) The host family brings the signed contract to … Continue reading

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