Filipina Aupair is not welcome in Sweden


Don’t believe any au pair agencies that help filipina to get au pair job in Sweden this is NOT TRUE because Sweden is the only country in Europe that respects the Philippines ban on the deployment of Filipino migrant Workers under the Au-pair program. This ban was enforced 5 November 1997 per DFA Circular Note Number 981289 dated 20 April 1998.

Filipina au pairs are not accepted in Sweden

Filipina au pairs are not accepted in Sweden


So don’t waste time and money.

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  1. Correction:
    It is correct that Sweden respect the exit ban from Philippines, but Filipinos are welcome to apply if they live outside the Philippines.

  2. Thanks I did clarify with the Immigration Service they accepts application from the Filipinos living outside the country.

  3. hi ana,
    you are really great! i admire you for the efforts you are doing to help our filipinos by giving them valid information. as you can see, many au pair agencies tend to inform our kababayans with incomplete, if not crooked information, just to earn from them. and indeed, it is a growing problem, since these agencies do not help the filipinas/filipinos who find themselves in a problematic situation at home with their host family.
    keep going!

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  5. hi jsut want to ask so is it not really allowed? what do u mean that they accpet only filipino living outside the country?what u mean?have a valid visa to sweden?or what?hope for a response..thanks

  6. @Jenny, Sweden respect RP’s ban so they don’t accept applications from RP but since its legal in country so they accept applications to Filipino citizens living outside RP IF they are qualified.

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