Babaylan Denmark offering Financial Literacy Training on 30th May 2009


I have a friend a Filipina au pair who called her father just before christmas just to greet them and tell them about her plans to get married to non Filipino guy and I was shocked to overhear their conversation which goes like

Daughter: Hello, How are you there?


Daughter: No, I don’t have money. I’m not marrying a rich guy…..

I asked her what was it all about and she told me that her father wa asking money from her because they want to move to Manila from her province and will rent an apartment in Manila. I’m felt sad for her because instead of greeting her Merry Christmas they ask her to send money right away.

My parents send us money for more than 20 years and although we did all finished college and able to buy properties but we if we knew better we could have invested those remittances in worthwhile investment. When I came home for the first time and they know I’m married to a Dane I got a lot offers to invest in properties and a lot more but I said no. That’s the dilemma of an OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker), are always bombarded by financial request from family and relatives and get a lot offers to buy properties and engaged in business without even basic knowledge of running a business. Sometimes they thought that an OFW has a lot of money and they are just picked up from the streets.

Unmarried Filipinos especially the girls are dutiful daughters who work so hard just to send money to help their families. Sometimes they forget to save for themselves for their future and makes their families depend on them most of the times even when you tell them that’s a hard earned money from cleaning etc. if they are au pairs or house helper their families don’t know how hard it is unless they themselves will become OFW.

Therefore Babaylan-Denmark is offering this one of a lifetime training on how to mange your finances on 30th of May 2009. This is limited for 30 participants only so Please Register now.may-30-fliers-a4-1

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