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As much as I like to provide information in this site and advice and counseling I do it on my on free time and I also have a life and a family to take care. So I will advice au pairs in Denmark who has problems to contact Au pair Support which is part of the Danish Refugee Council, who won the contract from the Immigration Service to provide support for aupairs for 4 years.

The Au pair network which consists of Babaylan DK and other Filipino organizations, FOA (labor union who is the only union who give time to look into aupairs problems),KIT, Members of the Parliament Thomas Jensen, a Social Democrat and Karen Krag, Socialistic People’s Party and a lot concern Danish from Hellerup Language Skole, to other people   from different walks of life who are concern about the aupair. The Au Pair Network did not won the contract which is my personal opinion was frustrating considering the that the majority of aupairs in Denmark are Filipinos that’s why we created this network.  This Aupair network also worked hard to press this issue to reach the session hall of the Parliament which approves this budget for aupair Support. Check my article about this Parliament hearing in my personal blog, The Filipinamom in Denmark.But even though we did not won or have any budget our network still is working for the betterment of the aupair in this country and we still have a lot cases with all sort of abuse from overwork to sexual harassment and in the worst case scenario rape by their host father.

But please call the AU PAIR SUPPORT use them because they have the facility and they have lawyers and that’s their job they get paid by helping you. I usually get their assistance if there are some aupair problems I can’t answer and they are very helpful.

How to contact Au pair Support
Both au pairs and host families can get advice and guidance from Au pair Support. Our phone counselling is open Monday – Friday from 9.00 am to 3.00 pm. You can also visit our open counselling without prior appointment on Fridays from 10.00 am to 12.00 pm in Borgergade (see map). You can also send questions and get answers by email on

Present all over the country
The Au pair Support team is housed in the Danish Refugee Council head office in Copenhagen. Through the Danish Refugee Council’s 17 Lærdansk language centres, 3 local offices and 7 voluntary advisory services, you can get individual advice all over the country.

Find Au pair Support (map)

Au pair Support
Borgergade 10, 3. sal
1300 Copenhagen K

Phone: 33 73 53 22
Office hours: Monday-Friday from 9.00 am to 3.00 pm

Fax: 33 91 45 07


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