A Host mother convicted for using undocumented househelp



A host Mother in Holte located in North Zealand north of Copenhagen was sentence to pay a discounted fine of 40,000 dkk which the Supreme Court decided after the convicted was sentence to 30,000 dkk from a municipal court then filed an appeal to the country court and actually sentenced her to pay higher fine of 60,000 dkk. According to the news item the Supreme court decidedt o reduce her fine because the law is directed for employers who uses undocumented workers while in her case she is a private person.

The helper as you guessed right it is a Filipina who if I base it in earlier news report was a former aupair who helped clean the house 3 hours a week and worked for 6 months. So the cheap labor becomes so expensive for the family that exploits cheap labor and uses undocumented workers. The Filipina ex- aupair was caught by the police together with another Filipina by an anonymous  tip. On their way to the police station the girls  told the police and point out that there are 10 more houses that they clean. The Filipinas were deported. The 10 families who used the undocumented Filipinas will soon get their time in the court.

Let this be a lesson to all au pairs that staying illegally is risky because of the  stricter law against illegal or undocumented workers. Most of the time when the police caught overstaying foreigners they will send them to their country as soon as possible. I heard that most of them does have only their clothes on their back when they are sent to their home countries. You will be quarantine if you will be caught by the police meaning you can not travel to Denmark or any Schengen country for at least  5 years but if you go home on your free will then its shorter. ( I maybe wrong but that what I heard from a person who went back home on her free will). But you can’t travel if your passport is expried  you have to apply for a new passpost  contact the Philippine Embassy in Norway for new passport but of course you have to pay.

Here’s the link to the news report just use google translate to understand it.


Note: This is an old article which was lying on my draft since November but I still warn aupairs to go home after their aupair contract expires as this complicate their situation like for example they become sick or become pregnant or what if tragedy stucks your family then you can not come home. I recieved a lot of inquiries same as my organization, Babaylan Denmark a lot of aupairs who were stopped on their way for example in Germany because they overstayed and they were put into jail and paid a huge sum Euros as fine. So if any of you decide,  you with expired contract wishes to go home you go have to go to the Danish Immigration Service and ask for Visa D some kind of transit visa but you have to give explanation why you overstayed. In my opinionyou will not be denied when you voluntary will leave the country because when the authorities will send you the state will be the one who’s going to pay for the plane ticket because remember the Philippine Goverment cannot help you because of the on going ban of aupairs but according to the Philippines embassy in Norway you are still Filipino citizens so call them so they can give you a good advice.

You can also ask some guidance to aupair support at the following contact details: Au pair Support, Borgergade 10, 3.sal, 1300 København K, Tlf.: 3373 5322, contact@aupairsupport.dk

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